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 Keep your equipment and drivers safe and sound with our fleet management tools.

Accident Avoidance

Protect Your Investment

Using the same technology developed for BMW & Mercedes Benz, the Mobileye Accident Avoidance system continuously reinforces safe driving habits and provides timely warnings in dangerous situations. The Mobileye system also documents driver behavior for training and tracking purposes. Driving with Mobileye’s Accident Avoidance System means accident-related costs drop and insurance expenses are cut. More Info…

Mobile DVR System

Protect Your Pocket Book

When an accident occurs, authorities make decisions and write tickets based on the statements given by those involved. If there is no clear evidence as to who was in the wrong, the authorities usually side with the non-professional driver. This can lead to expensive repairs and costly insurance claims even though your driver was not at fault. With our Mobile DVR system we record video 24 hours a day so you always know exactly what happened. More Info…

The DVR system is a state-of-the-art Mobile Digital Video Recorder that performs mobile surveillance and evidence collection using the latest digital recording technology. Coupled with the optional integration with the Mobileye Accident Avoidance system significantly decreases your drivers’ accident risk!

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